Here at Topologic, we offer several different types of specialized
services that can help our client's market their own products and
services in effective and distinctive methods based on the nature
of their needs and expectations. These functions can mostly be
used in conjunction to create a precise type of product that best
caters to the client's specific requirements.

To help keep this list easier to manage and understand, we have
created three separate groups of services which contain different
functions that are relevant to each.

The three groups are:

Audio Visual
Web Development
Specific Services

Our functions have been put together in a list with a small
description for each of them. These specific services are part of
some or all of the three different groups mentioned above.

Assorted List of Specific Functions or Services

3D Modeling and Animation
3D Resources
2D Animation
Graphic Design
Video Editing / Motion Graphics
Image Manipulation
Sound Design
Web Design
Web Implementation
Web Hosting

Check out our Portfolio to see these different functions at work!

We offer our clients three separate group services which are:
Audio Visual, Web Development and Specific Services. All three of
these groups consist of some, if not most, of the separate
functions that have been listed above. By grouping them in this
manner, we can offer a more logical and feasible service to our
clients. Each group has a different purpose to cater to a
production’s specific needs and goals.

The Audio Visual (here under A/V) group focuses mostly on adverts and commercials. These can be created and used for television commercials and even web advertising, depending on what the client's specifications are. Each production is carefuly planned and storyboarded to present the intended message in the most recognizable and memorable way possible. The client can decide upon the theme and media through which s/he may want to present the commercial, be it 3D animation or 2D motion graphics. Audio is compiled and recorded to facilitate the message with the production to create an artistic advert that is sure to capture people's attention. This production process goes through several stages and we make sure to keep the client informed every step of the way, thus making sure the final product is to their liking.

The Web Development group is about website creation and implementation. We believe that a good design is the key to a great website. Our goal, when designing a website, is to create a flowing graphic template that captures the feel and nature of the client's services or products, whilst presenting it in a captivating and friendly manner giving any visitors the right impression. Navigation or information is strategically placed to make sure that it does not overwhelm any potential customers and is presented in a creative and functional manner. A website is only effective when it's easy to navigate and it's message well presented.

We offer Specific Services if the client does not need a whole production. This can include custom 3D Models that are created to the client's specifications and than sold individually for their own personal use. 3D animations, 2D animations, motion graphics, video editing and image manipulation can also be created and supplied . This way a client can choose just a specific service instead of a whole production consisting of several combined services, leaving them open to use the end product however they desire.

Topologic's three group services contain some or most of its core
functions that best benefit each category. Therefore, to identify
which functions are attributed to each group, a table has been
created. This table highlights exactly what each category
contains, making it easier for our client's to decide which kind
of group service benefits them the most.

If you encounter any difficulties
when browsing through our list
of services or our website in
general, feel free to contact
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